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           Friendly and reliable dog walking, cat visiting and other pet minding services  


Our home visits are mostly beneficial for cats (this means stress free times for your feline companion, therefore minimal upheaval whilst you are away) and any of your furry or feathered friends. We have experience and expertise with cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and other animals one might own as a pet.

Home visits include:

- Feeding, grooming and playing with your pets; assuring they are happy and healthy.

- Cleaning cages, cat litters etc.

- One visit takes 30 minutes and we can also water plants, take post away from door, close/open curtains and check the house is secure.

1 visit - £8

'We are delighted that we found Misha to look after our kitten when we go away. We always know he will be well cared for with food and attention from a human he knows and trusts. Misha texts to let us know he is ok so we can feel totally relaxed about being away from him. We feel that having Misha look after him in his own home is much better than the upset of being out of his usual environment in a cattery. We would strongly recommend Misha as a very reliable and caring petsitter.'

Caroline, Starbeck